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Sustainable Careers: The Best Job Options Available

When it comes to sustainable careers, what are the best job options out there? With this generation being completely unpredictable and with the economy still on shaky ground it can be hard for a college student to choose their career and commit to it, especially if they are looking for an environmentally friendly job. Here, we are going to talk about some of the sustainable careers and what are the top jobs out there. If you're looking for great training — has great sustainable career tips and training!

The first job up on our list is being a farmer. There are many different farmers out there and whether you are looking to go small-scale or large, farming is becoming increasingly popular due to the fact that people are looking constantly for organic products and are looking for locally grown ingredients for their cooking. Being a farmer is something that is difficult and certainly something that takes a lot of education as well as hard work, however this particular green job is certainly rewarding as well.

Another career that is coming up on the sustainable careers list is becoming an energy efficiency builder. Studies have shown that many office buildings and buildings in general admit a lot of emissions and in general are bad for the environment and with everyone trying to be a little greener, becoming an energy efficiency builder is the ideal job to do that. There are a ton of job openings for students fresh out of college or engineers looking to make a difference in the environment. This particular job involves changing out old buildings and making them more eco-friendly and also constructing brand new buildings that are LEED approved.

If building buildings is not something that you are looking to do, becoming an environmental engineer is another career that is in the top range for sustainable careers. What an environmental engineer does involves protecting the planet from any further deterioration by implementing a lot of green and very eco-friendly methods. These methods include limiting soil erosion, acid rain, global warming and ozone depletion.

Becoming a conservation biologist is another career that is on the rise in the way of sustainable careers. This particular career has a lot of misconceptions with it, it is not all about the research, within this particular job title, you will be responsible for preserving the balance of the ecosystem and might also have the opportunity to teach government and non-profits companies that are looking for ways that they can be greener. Over the next seven years, this particular job is said to be on the rise by 25%.

Finally, if you are looking for something that you will be able to use your hands with, that is going to be becoming a solar power installer. This is a green career that is certainly on the rise and is actually something that can be very rewarding as well. The specifics of the job include installing rooftop solar panels and solar-thermal water heaters. This is one job that also pays extremely well, so keep that in mind. This is the ideal job for someone that is looking for a greener job with a background in construction.

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